Soạn anh 7 unit 2 a closer look 2

Dưới đấy là chủng loại giáo án VNEN Unit 2 Health : A closer look 2.

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Bài học tập nằm trong công tác tiếng Anh 7 tập 1. Bài mẫu bao gồm : vnạp năng lượng phiên bản text, tệp tin PDF, file word đi cùng. Thầy cô giáo có thể thiết lập về nhằm tham khảo. Hi vọng, chủng loại giáo án này mang đến sự có ích.



2. Top Health tips for teen (P19)- Ask ss to look at the yellow Grammar box again then work in groups of 4 ss khổng lồ choose 6 pieces of advice are most important for teen .- T let ss discuss their idea in their groups- Ask some groups represent their ideas3. Look at the articles on the Teen Health trang web. Fill in the blanks lớn complete their top six health tips (P19)- T ask ss lớn read through the Teen Health website individually & complete the heading-T may encourage class discussion about why some pieces of advice are more important than others

Grammar:Compound sentences- T write the word : CONJUNTION on a big piece of paper- T writes: AND, BUT, OR ,SO on the board then ask ss : What these words are called.- T ask 2 ss khổng lồ come and stand in front of the class. T brings out the paper with CONJUNCTION written on it và asks 2 ss each hold the paper with one hand- T asks what a conjunction does & ss can answer.- T lets ss read the first paragraph of the Yellow Box và asks : What vị we Call a sentence made by linking two simple sentences ?- T divides the class into lớn 3 groups. The first group is Independent Clause 1. The second group is conjunction & the third group is conjunction 2. The whole class reads the table aloud

- T asks ss lớn read through the yellow box4. Make compound sentences by joining the two simple sentences. Using the conjunction give (P20)- T asks ss to complete the exercise individually- T corrects the exercise with the class

5. Match the beginning of the sentences with the picture that completes them (P20)- T has ss look at the pictures and go through the beginning of the sentences & work individually

6. Now complete the second part of the compound sentences- Ask ss to lớn go through the first sentences và work individually khổng lồ complete the sentencesIII. Production- Ask ss to work in groups of 4 ss khổng lồ give the situation and give sầu the imperative sầu with less and more IV.

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Consolidation- T lets ss regọi about the imperatives with less & moreV. trang chủ work- Learn by heart all the new words & structures.- Guide ss how to vị E 6,7 P12/132. -Look at the yellow Grammar box again then work in groups of 4 ss to lớn choose 6 pieces of advice are most important for teen then discuss

-Read through the Teen Health website individually & complete the heading- Discuss3. Key:1. Do more exercise2. Sleep more3. Eat less junk food4. Wash your h& more5 Watch less TV6. Spover less time playing computer games- It joins two simple sentences

Eg: T : Independent 1G1: The Japanese eat a lot of rice...........Compound sentences Compound sentences: When we want khổng lồ join two ideas, we can link two simple sentences to lớn form a compound sentences , we can use và (for addition), or (for choice), but(for a contrast), so ( for a result) There is usually is comma(,) after the first independent clause

4.Key1. I want to eat some food, but I have sầu a sore throat2. The Japanese eat healthier , so they live for a long time3. I feel tired và I feel weak4. You can go và see the doctor, or you can go khổng lồ bed now và rest5.Key:1-d, 2-c, 3-a. 4-b-compound(n):ghép-independent (adj): độc lập-coordinate(v): kết hợp-conjunction(n): liên từ-clause(n): mệnh đề-or( conj): hoặc là-so(conj):vì vậy-join(v): nối- quote(n): trích dẫn6. Key:1. Niông xã washes his hands a lot, so he doesn’t have sầu flue2. David eats a lot of junk food, & he doesn’t vì exercise3.The doctor told Elemãng cầu she should sleep more, or she should try to relax more4. My sister plays computer games, btu she does excercise too