David guetta là ai

Sia, ABBA & Florida Georgia Line & Nelly hit some wrong notes in 2021.Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Top: Pholớn by Ethan Miller/Getty Images, bottom: Baillie Walsh/Capitol Records
From Kanye West to Coldplay, here are five sầu songs that we’re happy to leave behind in 2021.

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1. Kanye West featuring Syleemãng cầu Johnson, “Dondomain authority Chant”

Yeezy finally introduced his long-awaited 10th studio album, “Donda,” with 52 seconds of Johnson chanting his beloved late mother’s name 60 times. Even if Ye’s heart was in the right place, this tuy vậy probably had Mom rolling over in her grave. And if “Donda”was supposed to win West bachồng some of the goodwill that he had lost from longtime fans, this was a bad way to lớn start.

2. Florida Georgia Line featuring Nelly, “Lil Bit”

This unlikeliest of combos scored a major hit with their “Cruise” remix in 2013. And it was already bad enough that that tuy nhiên is responsible for a lot of the bro country that came after that. But for FGL and the “Hot in Herre” rapper to lớn go baông chồng to the well again — when both are clearly past the primes of their careers — smacks of more than a “Lil Bit” of desperation.

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Floridomain authority Georgia Line & Nelly made a desperate attempt lớn connect again on “Lil Bit.”Getty Images

3. Sia và David Guetta, “Floating Through Space”

The “Chandelier” singer-songwriter & the EDM DJ/producer once collaborated on the titanic club banger that was 2011’s “Titanium.” But this tepid twirler — on which Sia’s voice is helium-pitched to an ear-gratingly annoying màn chơi — flops more than it floats. But hey, at least it’s surely better than Sia’s much-maligned “Music” movie that spawned the tuy nhiên.

4. ABBA, “I Still Have sầu Faith in You”

ABBA fans who had waited decades for “Voyage,” the beloved Swedish band’s first new studio album in 40 years, surely lost some faith when the album’s lackluster lead traông xã arrived as one of its first singles. And it will forever be a mystery how in the world this nabbed a Record of the Year Grammy nomination.

Chris Martin’s Coldplay has seen better days than “Let Sometoàn thân Go.”Getty Images for Audacy

5. Coldplay và Selena Gomez, “Let Somebody Go”

Somehow Coldplay’s “My Universe” collaboration with BTS actually worked, giving Chris Martin and company their first No. 1 since 2008’s “Viva La Vida.” But this blah breakup ballad — gọi it the anti-“Yellow” — made Coldplay look lượt thích they were struggling to lớn stay relevant by enlisting Gomez, of all people.