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One Million by One Million (1Mby1M) is the first global virtual accelerator, headquartered in Silibé Valley. We ayên to nurture a million entrepreneurs to lớn reach a million dollars each in annual revenue and beyond, thereby creating a trillion dollars in global GDP và ten million jobs.


Silibé Valley entrepreneur & strategy consultant Sramana Mitra founded 1Mby1M in 2010. She was named one of LinkedIn’s Top 10 Influencers in 2015.

Start by taking our free, one-hour Bootstrapping Course and going through the 1Mby1M Self-Assessment. Come to lớn our weekly không tính phí online mentoring roundtables, listen khổng lồ our podcasts, read our blog, books, newsletter. Learn What To Expect From The Premium Program. We work exclusively with IT & IT enabled services businesses.

Our Premium Program offers:

Peer Network that motivates you to keep going when the going gets tough

Fee: $1000 Annual Membership Fee for unlimited usage | ROI: $375,000 + 5-10% equity

Meet some of The One Million Club members.

Join Here.

We also offer 1Mby1M Basic in response lớn customer requests for a way khổng lồ get going with the 1Mby1M program without making the full 1Mby1M Premium 1-year commitment ($1000 annual membership fee).

1Mby1M Basic is Curriculum Only. It costs only $99 a month.

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1Mby1M has also developed the Incubator-In-A-Box khổng lồ work with partners, including corporations, governments & other accelerators.

“1Mby1M is a very helpful program, và Sramamãng cầu is very well connected in the industry. When we were looking to talk to investors, Sramana introduced us lớn multiple investors, and also acted as an advisor helping us navigate complex term sheet clauses like tranđậy financing và liquidation preferences. 1Mby1M also helped us win the $40,000 Microsoft BizSpark Startup Challenge Grant by helping us refine our pitch, market sizing analysis, and other details. I would enthusiastically recommover the 1Mby1M program for first time entrepreneurs and technical founders who need help with understanding other aspects of running a business.”

Girish Mathrubootsi mê, Founder và CEO at Freshworks – Raised $484 Million in Funding & went Public on Nasdaq with a $10B+ Valuation

“Working with the 1Mby1M team is perhaps one of the best decisions I’ve made on the spur of the moment. I was tracking 1Mby1M for a while và used to get their e-newsletter. I was always cynical about the pay to play Model in the Bay Area. I tested the mã sản phẩm quite late in our evolution on a whim và was surprised by everything. It was the best $1000 spent. I would strongly urge founders who are at the ideation stage to lớn sign up – you will save yourself a lot of time, trouble và resources. Through 1Mby1M, I was introduced to Warren Weiss, a renowned former sales executive sầu who worked with Steve Jobs at NeXT, and is now a successful VC in Silibé Valley.”

Dharmesh Singh, Co-founder và CEO, Fullcast - Raised $4 Million in Series A Funding

“I joined the 1Mby1M Premium program in 20trăng tròn and had a very good experience interacting with Sramana. Her inputs during the private roundtable sessions added a lot of value; she addressed the exact objectives I had. She also made a number of valuable introductions. Overall, the program had a very positive sầu influence on our journey.”

Abinash Saitê, Co-founder of EnCloudEn, Acquired by Quantum Corporation in 2021

“The 1Mby1M program has been a phenomenal help to lớn us. Within days of joining, Sramana introduced us to some key folks in the industry & helped open new doors for us. Her advice is real, focused, & actionable. I would highly encourage entrepreneurs, especially first-time entrepreneurs, to leverage the program. Many thanks for all the help, tư vấn và mentorship through the years.”

Vikrant Mathur, Co-Founder at Future Today

“Working with Sramana Mitra và the 1Mby1M Premium program has been invaluable for Adya as a bootstrapped company khổng lồ better underst& how to best position the sản phẩm và the company while working within constraints. Sramamãng cầu has a very fresh perspective sầu that promotes bootstrapped startups making slow, steady progress while rejecting the need for institutional investments. This also makes companies better targets for acquisitions. Thanks to her introductions, we were able to lớn pitch Adya to the right companies at the senior executive levels. This led to, I am happy khổng lồ say, an acquisition of Adya by Qualys! Without Sramamãng cầu, this happy outcome would likely not have sầu happened.”

Deepak Balakrishna, Co-Founder & CEO, Adya (Acquired by Qualys)

“As a serial entrepreneur, I learned much more than I expected from presenting my pitch at the 1Mby1M roundtables. Sramana is exceptionally well-connected & knows the VC community quite well. It was very useful to lớn get candid feedbachồng & specific suggestions, not only on the pitch itself, but on what likely reactions would be from various investors. If you have something that is fundable, she will open up her Rolodex of investors, channel partners & customers, as she did for me.”

Norm Wu, CEO, i-Human Patients, Inc., (Acquired by the Test Prep & Licensure group of Kaplan, Inc.)

“The value of your program is amazing. For perspective sầu, I also joined a $12,000/year CEO-roundtable group, with professional speakers and full day, once-per-month meetings. At 1/12th the cost, 1Mby1M provides far more value. I was looking for what you teach baông xã in January of 2007 và couldn’t find it anywhere. We had just launched our first tech venture và would have saved countless thousands in trial & error education if 1Mby1M was available.”

Dan Stewart, CEO, Happy Grasshopper - $4+ Million Annual Revenue in năm nhâm thìn

“The 1Mby1M program offers outstanding value và advice khổng lồ startup entrepreneurs. The 1Mby1M curriculum is well thought out và to the point with case studies; roundtable meetings provide a great framework for exchanging ideas and learning from similar stage entrepreneurs. I highly recommover this program for start-ups và early stage businesses.”

Vasudeva Akula, Ph.D., Co-Founder, VOZIQ - $1+ Million Annual Revenue in năm nhâm thìn

“It’s been a year since I joined 1Mby1M Premium, and I have benefited immensely from the course material – the readings, videos, case studies & roundtables. I have a much clearer và better understanding of the startup process and what it takes to lớn succeed. Since joining, I’ve sầu been able to use customer discovery lớn figure out what exactly is the sản phẩm I need khổng lồ build, who my target customers are, and how big the market is. I have sầu been able lớn identify a strong market need that is underserved, và a clearly defined audience.

The coursework and my interactions with Sramamãng cầu have sầu been very beneficial và immensely enjoyable! I’ve learnt from the many success stories featured in the videos, especially the different “models” of entrepreneurial success, & the creativity behind each. There are some universal guidelines và templates for entrepreneurs, but there’s no one kích thước fits all. Your case studies have helped me underst& that and many other implicit lessons in entrepreneurship. Thank you for everything you vì for aspiring entrepreneurs, & for making so much available so easily, và at an affordable price!”

Shimantika Kumar, CEO/Co-founder, Synaptic Communications, LLC

“1Mby1M provides great advice và connections, and helps you look at your business from a new angle. In short, 1Mby1M offers a wonderful sounding board & strategic advice khổng lồ help you think differently, which is invaluable in the fiercely competitive world around us. The 1Mby1M program is the best way to get Sramamãng cầu Mitra’s insights working for you.”

Abhishek Rungta, Founder và CEO, Indus Net Technologies - $11 Million Annual Revenue in 2018

“Sramana cuts through the fog with laser precision by asking the right questions and offering specific, action-oriented advice. She will tell you what you ought to be doing instead of what you would like khổng lồ hear. This is priceless! Many (most) times, Sramamãng cầu understands one’s product/idea better than they vày and offers answers khổng lồ questions that they have sầu not yet thought about! She provides vivid clarity and actionable advice.”

Dharm Singh, CEO, Agile Soft Systems, Inc.

“Running a successful startup/business is lượt thích playing football. Your hard work, conviction, & skill are all necessary conditions. Nevertheless, khổng lồ achieve sầu success, you also need a committed coach who can provide clear, candid & constructive sầu advice. Sramamãng cầu is that coach. She will push you and pull you and will not stop until you reach the hill! I’m glad that I have sầu her on my side.”

Raj Krishnamurthy, CEO Engineer, ContiNube

“It has been a pleasure working with Sramana và 1Mby1M team since I joined the premium program. Starting a hardware venture with an art focus has been a hard battle & requires several tough decisions on a daily basis. Having Sramana’s expert advice on those tough decisions has been a key factor in helping me khổng lồ make those decisions with aplomb. Sramana brings decades of entrepreneurial và startup advisory experience and that is clearly evident when you discuss with her a new business Mã Sản Phẩm, operational issues or fund raising. At the same time, one can leverage her connections in all the required areas including investors, corporate business development và talent pool. I recommend the 1Mby1M program to every early or late stage startup founder.”

Rahul Ranjan, Co-founder at Palacio, Inc.

“The 1Mby1M Premium program provides access to lớn highly curated content for entrepreneurs to lớn consume within their context, & the best parts of the program involve presenting at the Public / Private roundtables, including the 1-on-1 interactions with Sramamãng cầu which involve a deep dive inlớn various attributes of the startup business. I have sầu used the roundtables to lớn demo various hypotheses, & at the right time, I will begin to lớn leverage Sramana’s eclectic and powerful network in the US market. Highly recommended for startups considering to lớn go-to-market in the US.”

Sharat Satyanarayamãng cầu, Co-founder và CEO, Eder Labs Pvt Ltd.(Data Privacy for AI)

“The most important aspect of 1Mby1M was helping me to underst& how to look at your idea from a neutral point of view. The unbiased approach of Sramana helped khổng lồ unlochồng the potential of the idea that I was thinking of. Sramana’s inputs helped me magnify the original small idea inkhổng lồ a viable sản phẩm concept across various domains. 1Mby1M templates are great for supporting a concept with necessary data in an investor friendly manner.”

Subodh Ravindra Pathak, Banker with 25 years of experience và Principal Sales Consultant with Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd. - Attended 1Mby1M Intrapreneurship program sponsored by Oracle, 2018 - 2019

“The 1Mby1M curriculum and private roundtable sessions challenged me to lớn narrow my focus for results. I received specific feedback on our business Mã Sản Phẩm và actionable insights from Sramamãng cầu. I was able lớn remove sầu the fluff and unnecessary ideas in our pitch. The case studies of companies showed me previous participant companies now highly profitable and some publicly traded. I recommend this to founders who want to lớn earn revenue và mature their company before raising capital, seeking press & venture capital.”

John Delia, Founder at HousingJV.com

“Had a good chance khổng lồ learn efficient methodologies for presenting an idea under the guidance of Sramana as part of the 1Mby1M program. Pitching khổng lồ Sramana during the roundtables is a great experience. During the roundtables, I was able to lớn explore different ways of positioning my idea from the market và the customer points of view.”

Sarath Bejavadomain authority, Principal Quality Assurance Engineer, Oracle India - Attended 1Mby1M Intrapreneurship program sponsored by Oracle, 2019 - 2020

“Sramana has unique insights & a vast network in startup ecosystems around the globe. Her strategies not only prepare startups to lay a good foundation from the beginning in all aspects of business, but also to lớn find synergies within the corporate world. I am very happy that our company Adya was acquired by Qualys, a market leader in the IT security và compliance space, within a short time span. Thanks lớn her introductions và guidance along the way, which made it possible.”

Amit Agarwal, Co-Founder & CTO, Adya (Acquired by Qualys)

“Our partnership with 1Mby1M fills a critical gap in our entrepreneurial ecosystem. We were attracted lớn their innovative approach for offering accelerated education, strategy consulting, mentoring, coaching and peer networking, và totally impressed with their long term experience and creditability in that marketplace. To be able lớn provide this extraordinary support on a totally virtual, global platsize was extraordinary và would scale development opportunities for so many serious Delaware entrepreneurs. 1Mby1M is not your traditional incubator/accelerator either from a business building or service delivery standpoint. We are hoping lớn be able khổng lồ expand the number of Delaware companies participating in this partnership in the very near future.”

Ken Anderson, Director of Entrepreneurial & Small Business Support, Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) - Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) Partners With 1Mby1M

“I have sầu presented numerous times at the private roundtables, and what stands out is Sramana’s incredible intelligence, and the trouble she takes to lớn ensure she communicates her message to you in a way that makes it so easy lớn accept. Sramana is the kind of advisor every entrepreneur would love khổng lồ have.”

Ajit Narayanan, Founder, Invention Labs - Raised Funding From Mumbai Angels and Inventus Capital, India’s Technology Product Story Gets Major Boost With Autism App Startup Avaz Getting Funded

“I joined the 1Mby1M program about 3 years baông chồng when I just started my entrepreneurship journey. 1Mby1M has structured a great curriculum that I think is extremely practical và immensely helpful for startup founders. The courses are backed by very powerful case studies that give sầu a true picture of real-life situations and what other founders have done in such situations. A big takeaway for me from the program was ‘bootstrap first, raise funds later’, something that Sramana emphasizes very often. I left the program with a clearer picture of the levers for navigating the very early stage of a startup journey.

Fast forward a few years, CliniOps has bootstrapped lớn a position where our solution is currently used in 15+ countries across North America, South America, Asia and Africa, with over 50,000+ patients on our system, và our work has been recognized by some of the top analysts in our tên miền, và most importantly by happy customers. I recently rejoined the program with an expectation khổng lồ receive sầu Sramana’s guidance & advice on our next steps, as we prepare khổng lồ grow our channels & partnerships, và get ready to raise our first round of institutional investment. Looking forward khổng lồ a productive second stint at 1Mby1M!”

Avik Pal, Founder và CEO, CliniOps, Inc. - $1.2+ Million in Annual Revenue in 2017

“The 1Mby1M program has been an invaluable resource for my nascent bioscience/biotech company. As a new entrepreneur, use of the TAM process in a granular way repeatedly helped us khổng lồ find routes khổng lồ help potential customers. We found customers on projects we’re most suited for: food safety for key indoor farmers & agriculture R&D institutions. Both of these markets are growing fast và following 1Mby1M’s disciplined training process has helped us to lớn keep up. We were able khổng lồ validate our sản phẩm ideas and value proposition against the market needs to enable projects.”

Dr. Anthony (Andy) Ragone, Founder CTO/CIO, Spekciton Biosciences LLC

“I’ve met many start-up advisors, having led an incubator in Chicago for 12 years. Sramamãng cầu stands out as a superstar in terms of her ability to lớn clarify issues and move sầu an entrepreneur forward – even if that means bursting bubbles when necessary. Its a great service khổng lồ clients to get a reality kiểm tra at the beginning of one’s journey – helping to lớn maximize one’s time, money & energy.”

Joyce Shanahan, Shanahan Consulting

“Since joining 1Mby1M, Avkin completed a rebranding; raised a small ~$1 Million Series A; secured a few grants; grew the team from 4 khổng lồ 12 FTE; launched two new products; và is on trachồng for $1 Million revenue this year (up from $75k). We found great benefit in our 1Mby1M sessions, not only from the candid advice và homework provided by Sramamãng cầu that allowed us khổng lồ refine our channel and go-to-market strategy, but also from listening khổng lồ & learning from the experiences of our fellow entrepreneurs. We are pleased with our experience và thankful for the tư vấn from the Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) that enabled our 1Mby1M participation.”

Michael D. Patterson, COO at Avkin

“The 1Mby1M program gave sầu me a great perspective on the important steps involved in evaluating a new software product concept, beyond the engineering side of things. I got to learn some of the important aspects khổng lồ building a successful sản phẩm like proper positioning, profitable business Model, concept validation, và alignment with company goals, along with brushing up on my pitching skills. Coming from an engineering background, most of the business side of hàng hóa development was new for me, but the excellent curriculum, roundtables and effective sầu mentorship made it easy lớn grasp the concepts, correct course và get the most out of a great Intrapreneurship program.”

Bikram Singh Gill, Senior Principal Applications Engineer, Oracle India - Attended 1Mby1M Intrapreneurship program sponsored by Oracle, năm ngoái - năm 2016

“Sramamãng cầu is a great mentor khổng lồ have for any aspiring entrepreneur. Her critique is data driven và very direct – something that every entrepreneur needs khổng lồ hear. I had the opportunity of being a part of the cleverlearnsuperstars.com program and it helped me in bringing structure to my own thoughts as a young entrepreneur. I strongly recommend entrepreneurs to lớn find out a way khổng lồ speak to Sramamãng cầu và benefit from her vast experience và candid inputs.”

Nimit Kumar, Founder và Chief Executive sầu Officer, uniRow Inc

“1M/1M is great to accelerate the penetration in a rich but challenging market lượt thích the United States. It takes time lớn build a sales và product proposition tailored lớn a new market & usually requires money và time, especially if the company has an innovative sầu proposition. Within the 1M/1M network và with the great support & coordination of Sramana Mitra, CrowdEngineering has been able khổng lồ quickly adjust the selling proposition, find a channel partner and reach high value prospects for its crowdsourced customer tư vấn offering.”

Gioacchino La Vecchia, CEO at CrowdEngineering

“1Mby1M is a great place to bounce your ideas and get valuable inputs. Sramamãng cầu has a keen eye on positioning và gives a new perspective. Also a good place lớn meet new startups and growing companies.”

Abhishek Rungta, Founder/CEO, Indus Net Technologies

“Sramana’s vision & mission for One Million by One Million is becoming a reality. As a serial entrepreneur & now a participant in the 1M/1M premium program I’ve sầu received direct and relevant feedbachồng from Sramana during my roundtable presentation. Sramana’s mentoring along with the online lecture series has helped me perfect my presentation and pitch as I prepare to raise capital under difficult economic conditions.”

Michaeline Daboul, President & Co-Founder, MMIS, Inc.

“1Mby1M has proven to lớn be invaluable for smartQED in a number of ways. Firstly, Sramana’s network was extremely helpful in prospecting customers for early validation and feedbachồng. Further, unlike many other educational resources for entrepreneurship that are too theoretical, Sramana’s material is packed with practical knowledge from real life entrepreneurs that have sầu built successful companies. Lastly, 1Mby1M’s private roundtables always provided us with honest and insightful feedbachồng that helped us shape our business strategy greatly. For the price, 1Mby1M is a no brainer and I would recommend it to any entrepreneur.”

Rishi Mukhopadhyay, Co-Founder, Chief Strategist và VP. of Business Development, smartQED

“I come from the fashion industry & learning ecommerce strategies to bring our fabrics online for b2b sales was possible thanks to lớn 1Mby1M mentoring. We are now a few steps closer to our goals. Special thanks khổng lồ Sramamãng cầu for sharing our story on her blog.”

Dushyant Parikh, Founder và CEO, TheCreativeArtisans.com

“I signed up with 1Mby1M lớn be shown the mirror, be held accountable for my intentions, & for some straight-talk from cleverlearnsuperstars.com. To be shown different perspectives that I am not willing or able to see is of enormous value. There can be no business growth without that.

In the customer pitch that I made to Sramamãng cầu during one of the weekly roundtable sessions, I received feedback và coaching that has saved me years of wasting time. If you are an entrepreneur, vì chưng yourself a service & explore 1Mby1M.

The premium year-long program is ridiculously low-priced (Rs 65,000) and is a huge value for the money with 1.5 hour weekly private roundtable sessions. Wishing you super success in your venture. Make it certain with cleverlearnsuperstars.com and 1Mby1M.”

Jyoti Gulati, Founder, Centre for Transformational Leadership™, Centre for Entrepreneurial Excellence™, Mums At Work™

“The 1Mby1M virtual start-up accelerator is a great program for any new start-up or first-time entrepreneur. It provides far more value than the average accelerator program. cleverlearnsuperstars.com works closely with the members khổng lồ refine their start-up ideas. Her pragmatic approach will quickly uncover if you are headed down the wrong path with your idea.I was fortunate to have sầu learned about the program and wish I had learned about it sooner. I strongly recommover the 1Mby1M program to any new entrepreneur.”

Judepatricks Onyema, Founder, JM Onyema, Inc.

“In less than 24 hours since I signed up for the 1M/1M Premium program, I have completed 3.5 modules (3 from the core curriculum, & half of Vision India 2020). I am blown away by the unique of the material. I cannot believe sầu all this is available for just $1000! I feel I have sầu got my money’s worth in the first 24 hours of my membership. A warm, heart-felt sincere thank you to Sramamãng cầu & the rest of the 1M/1M team.”

Sanjeeb Phường.,

“1M/1M, we would not be where we are without you! Without the wonderful 1M/1M team, we would not be in the place in our company’s growth today! We’re at a place where we’re growing our customer base, we’re growing our internal team và even have sầu companies speaking to lớn us about our success as target khổng lồ be acquired. The training was & is intense, BUT is structured và NEEDED if you truly wish lớn be driven to success. As the founder, it was laid upon me to rely on an organization where I could ask “the dumb” questions khổng lồ help my team và company to grow and khổng lồ respond. If there was one thing I could tell an entrepreneur, it would be lớn join 1M/1M immediately before you hire your first employee.”

Christopher M. Carter, Founder, Approyo

“1M/1M has exceeded my expectations in every way. Access lớn Sramamãng cầu as a mentor is priceless. She knows my industry & provided great insight and much needed positive sầu reinforcement for me to take Channel Navigator to the next level at a critical pivot point in my business. The online curriculum & case studies are succinct & to lớn the point – they gave me some fresh ideas và convinced me to lớn redouble my bootstrapping efforts. I have sầu had the added benefit of great truyền bá and some solid new business leads resulting from the program. It was the best money I have spent on my business. I highly recommover the program to anyone who is looking for support & guidance in developing their concept inkhổng lồ a profitable business.”

Clark Richter, Founder, Fossa LLC

“The insight, knowledge and advice I received from 1M/1M was both exhaustive sầu và an invaluable part of our successes.”

Steve Owens, Founder, Finish Line Product Development Services

“The 1M/1M program has been the best investment I made before launching my ứng dụng. The curriculum is full of rich content that helped me every step of the way. I fully recommover the program to any entrepreneur at any stage of developing a new startup.”

Manolo Hernandez Kuri, Founder of Snapwin

“I think we all come to the các buổi party with a specific mix of issues & limitations. I thought Sramamãng cầu was brutal in her commentary at first, because she exposed my weaknesses. But then she gave me a remedy, which was motivating. In a matter of speaking, she knocked me down & then helped me get baông chồng up. I got out of the 1M/1M program what I put in, and that was worth every penny.”

Harlan Robinson, Founder, HaveOneOn.Me

“1M/1M is very helpful as we grow Clickable by applying Customer Development and Iterative sầu Feedback principles. Sramana’s advice is solid for fundraising, bootstrapping, & growth hacking.”

Mike Ongnhị, Chief Customer Painkiller, Clickable

“1M/1M is the antidote khổng lồ VC fever. What resonates with me is that, rather than spending countless hours chasing Angels / VCs, there is a clear, more efficient path lớn launching. 1M/1M teaches how lớn bootstrap, perfect your sales approach & get customers. The awesome thing is practically every technology startup can afford this. I could not imagine better place to find value as a startup.”

Ryan Thompson, Entrepreneur In Residence, Apex Datacom

“A refreshing way to lớn look at startup strategy, Sramamãng cầu really makes you think hard, experiment và find what works for your business. However much you think you already know about startups, business, & strategy, the 1M/1M course will teach you something that will impact your business in a meaningful way. Thank you, Sramana, for being an awesome advisor!”

Nikhil Sama, Founder & CEO, Snaplion Global

“1M/1M was excellent platform for our entrepreneurial career. First of all, it gave sầu us a lot of confidence when we were selected to lớn receive sầu a scholarship from 1M/1M. When I went through the curriculum, it was kind of an eye-opener for me in many ways & for the first time I learned the meaning of many jargon words used in the entrepreneur community. The weekly private roundtables are helping us to learn about problems for other startups và the guidance from Sramana on overcoming such problems has helped us to relate to our own problems & solve sầu them appropriately.

Support from the 1M/1M team & the social networking tools available lớn communicate to lớn a larger audience are amazing.

Still, I rethành viên Sramana saying that 1M/1M is lượt thích a gym, where all the tools, knowledge & support are available, but it is up khổng lồ the individual lớn use them properly. I feel the same way.”

Sathish Kumar, Co-founder, Yathes

“The three greatest things I learned from 1M/1M are: 1) Focus on a specific, target nibít in your market, & go after it with full force 2) It doesn’t matter how large your nibịt market is because your business can still create value. In fact, there is a smaller chance of there being intense competition in such a market. 3) The best way to reach your potential customers is directly. This way you can build a relationship with them and earn their loyalty. This can be facilitated much more easily today with giải pháp công nghệ. All of this is topped off with the icing on the cake, which is Sramana’s very actionable feedbachồng. Overall, 1M/1M has been a very positive sầu và valuable experience so far, & I have already recommended it lớn other entrepreneurs. The value I have sầu gained from the program makes it so the price does not even matter. If wantrepreneurs are willing lớn pay over $20k per year & forego a salary khổng lồ go to business school và learn from professors, then there is no reason not to lớn pay $1000 per year while working on your company và gain valuable advice and actionable feedback. You are not just investing in your company. You are investing in your own future và growth as an entrepreneur.”

Yatit Thakker, Co-Founder, Omninox Publishing

“The 1M/1M program has been crucial for me since the very early days of OpsVisibility. I use the program weekly as an ‘ambiguity guide’ to clarify the path of my company.”

Gülin Yilmaz, Co-Founder & CEO, OpsVisibility

“The 1M/1M curriculum is exhaustive sầu và in-depth. The private roundtables are an excellent platform to lớn validate your idea và refine it further. In a nutshell, if you are a first time entrepreneur, this is the program you should not miss.”

Hrishikesh Jobanputra, Co-Founder, 39shops.com

“Working with 1M/1M & Sramamãng cầu helped me get laser sharp focus on the things that matter most when starting a revenue generating business from nothing. As an entrepreneur facing a myriad of complex issues và decisions, it is easy to lớn get distracted, diverted and deviate. But if one is driven and moving at a fast pace, this program helps maintain a clear focus while providing opportunities & resources at the right time for many critical aspects, including quảng bá, customers, and investor introductions.”

Swarmãng cầu Kuruganti, Founder, PlayyIt

“Great curriculum lecture videos for first time entrepreneurs. Sramamãng cầu is eager khổng lồ help & provide guidance directly, & you can also learn from other companies in the program.”

Amit Aggarwal, Founder, Mangobird

“1M/1M helped me to recognize the areas of my business that could use some growth and Sramana helped me lớn identify how khổng lồ grow those areas the fasthử nghiệm. The roundtables are amazing to get feedback on specific areas of your business & the curriculum videos are a great tool khổng lồ use from time lớn time when you have sầu questions or concerns around your business. Sramana’s direct & straightforward business savvy advice is extremely beneficial for those creative entrepreneurial business types to lớn get grounded in their businesses.”

Nwenna Kai, Founder, The LiveWell Movement

“Team ShopOffice found 1M/1M to lớn be a helpful program as startup entrepreneurs. Sramana is very helpful as a mentor. I have gone through the complete 1M/1M curriculum found it khổng lồ be quite comprehensive sầu. 1M/1M really helped me with my business plan và strategies. I have also attended many of the roundtables and pitched at some of them. ShopOffice has seen positive results by using this program & would recommkết thúc it lớn other aspiring entrepreneurs.”

Rohit Singh, Team ShopOffice

“1M/1M has been great at providing our team with mentoring and feedbaông xã at regular intervals. The weekly discussion roundups & private roundtable sessions with Sramana & other incubatees at 1M/1M have sầu helped streamline enMarkit’s business plan. Sramamãng cầu is an exceptionally motivated leader and her excitement definitely rubs off on entrepreneurs in the 1M/1M program.”

Vipin Agarwal, Co-Founder, enMarkit.com

“The 1M/1M premium program is extremely valuable and a must-do for first time entrepreneurs. There are so many wide-ranging lessons that are available as Clip tutorials, covering all aspects of starting a business và making it a success. Sramana is a great coach and enabler & I would highly recommover any startups out there to join this program and follow the curriculum diligently.”

Shashank Shekhar, Co-Founder, Antezen

“The 1M/1M curriculum is full of incredibly valuable information. I constantly learn from the program and refer baông xã to lớn it often. Along with the curriculum, I have sầu benefited immensely from Sramana’s knowledge & experience, directing me step by step on taking my business to lớn the next cấp độ. She is a confident, direct leader who gets a lot done in a short amount of time. Sramana is a highly respected businesswoman who has connected me with major accounts that I had wanted lớn get in front of for years. The cost of membership has more than paid for itself several times over. I highly recommover the 1M/1M program to lớn any entrepreneur at any stage of business.”

Kimbra Orr, Founder & CEO, Kimbra Studquả táo

“Sramana listened to my first pitch and summed up our position in one sentence; she can get to the heart of a matter precisely and quickly. She doesn’t tell you what you want khổng lồ hear, she tells you what you need to know. The curriculum, full of detailed information on sale and development strategies, has also been a great benefit of joining 1M/1M.”

Kevin Fullerton, Founder, PartingOut.com

“Sramana is incredibly well connected, experienced and willing khổng lồ guide early stage founders with tư vấn, mentoring & facilitating connections. She has been instrumental in guiding us as part of the 1M/1M incubator và has opened up many doors through her extensive sầu network. I look forward lớn her tư vấn going forward, and hope that her many successes continue.”

Ali Ahmed, Founder & CEO, Lutebox

“1M/1M is great when you need good firm advice on how to lớn build/improve/re-invent your business strategy. Sramamãng cầu knows what it takes to make your business work và make money from it – & that’s what we all need, isn’t it?!”

Racheli Levkovich, Founder, VP Business Development, Zuznow

“In my first six months, I have used the 1M/1M curriculum quite a bit khổng lồ fine tune my business plan và I am still doing so. I’ve attended a few roundtables and pitched at two. We will start our sale chiến dịch soon & will need confirmation from Sramana if we are headed in the right direction, when khổng lồ correct, etc. I need to lớn correct early on so I can get better results before our bootstrapping funds run out. I’m sure that is an issue with most start-ups! 1M/1M provides great mentoring tư vấn. I especially like knowing there’s someone there khổng lồ give sầu me insightful answers khổng lồ my questions when I need them.”

Melanie Kusmik, Founder and CEO, StoryCube LLC

“I didn’t expect Sramamãng cầu lớn be so approachable. I have sầu never experienced mentorship like this in Malaysia where I am based. I also appreciate the online experience where I don’t need khổng lồ go someplace khổng lồ participate. In a few months, I have learned to lớn think differently & after speaking to Sramamãng cầu at a private roundtable have sầu corrected my course.”

Talat Fakhr, trò chơi Programmer, Designer and Founder of Quantips Sdn Bhd. Business: Games and Gamification related software production

“I like the methodology và social approach of the 1M/1M program. Access lớn well elaborated tools and processes for proper market building and khổng lồ a large network are especially appreciated.”

Mark Heifets, Technology Entrepreneur, CEO at Inphodrive sầu

“With Sramamãng cầu, we sprinted from vague product concept to a customer-driven business with real, reference customers in just six months. Any startup that wants to fast-traông xã lớn being ‘Silicon Valley VC ready’ should participate in this program.”

Taariq Lewis, Founder & CEO at Stanzr

“OrangeScape has benefited greatly by being part of Sramamãng cầu Mitra’s 1M/1M program. As a company, we were able to lớn lean baông chồng on Sramana’s vast experience in enterprise GTM processes. She has been driving specific aspects for our GTM just lượt thích another thành viên of the OrangeScape team. Also, her interface between OrangeScape và Persistent Systems relationship has greatly helped us in progressing the partnership in a positive direction at all times. Overall, it has been a phenomenal positive for OrangeScape.”

Suresh Sambandam, Founder & CEO at OrangeScape

“Since joining 1M/1M we have gained some invaluable insights from Sramamãng cầu and her team. I sincerely believe sầu established businesses, as well as startups, trying to reach the next milestone in their business have a lot khổng lồ gain from participation in 1M/1M. Sramana and her team take considerable interest, và in my view a lot of personal satisfaction in their clients’ successes.”

Scott Clark, VP Business Development at Value of Insight Consulting

“I have found the 1M/1M premium program extremely useful in multiple ways. First, it gave us clear direction on how khổng lồ move sầu from a pure-play services business khổng lồ a products business. It was very important for us to lớn learn that we need to lớn build a hàng hóa that a customer needs rather than trying lớn convince the customer to lớn think along the lines of our idea. Second, the number of connections we get from the 1M/1M program has been many và we have sầu been successful in converting a few of them inlớn our customers. Third, we get invaluable advice from Sramamãng cầu on all aspects of business. When we were faced with a tremendous resource crunch, her advice to tap inkhổng lồ the freelance community was extremely useful for us. All in all, we find the program very effective for us.”

Ashok Jagathrakshakan, Founder & President at Azuyo

“I read all of Sramana Mitra’s books, which led me lớn the 1M/1M program. I really appreciate Sramana’s no-nonsense style and feedbaông chồng. This was most useful while I was doing my market retìm kiếm. Through her I met và hired a programmer, also a 1M/1M thành viên. I have attracted a co-founder và board members from industry leaders. I could not have sầu done this without Sramana’s guidance.”

Joan Parsons, Founder & CEO of High Mileage Living

“My experience with 1M/1M program is solid knowledge gained from real world business men & women. The program is a combination of videos from Sramamãng cầu inkhổng lồ the facets of business ownership along with the stories from people who have sầu successfully built their own businesses. I love the fact that there is a story that resonates with each of us, each one stands on its own, an inspiring source of information. Thanks for the belief in me và my business.”

Vrushali Humnabadkar, Founder & Owner, Penworks

“1M/1M has provided us with the focus needed lớn help us understvà how khổng lồ continue building our startup và what goals should be the focus for our pilot. We encourage any entrepreneur, new or seasoned, to use 1M/1M’s resources and participate in the roundtables where there is much information and knowledge khổng lồ absorb.”

Shai Spetgang, CEO and Founder, RidesApp

" class="hvideo clip iframe playbut videow" id="playbg" href="https://www.youtube.com/embed/CTr7-8XJYC0?rel=0&autoplay=1">The Other 99% " class="hđoạn phim iframe playbut videow" id="playbg" href="https://www.youtube.com/embed/vhucqmmKafw?rel=0&autoplay=1">Can 1M/1M Help Me Raise Money? " class="hvideo iframe playbut videow" id="playbg" href="https://www.youtube.com/embed/rKEeuzMnZK4?rel=0&autoplay=1">How Does 1M/1M Democratize Entrepreneurship Education? " class="hvideo iframe playbut videow" id="playbg" href="https://www.youtube.com/embed/M572enwVDkY?rel=0&autoplay=1">How Does 1M/1M Democratize Management Consulting? " class="hđoạn Clip iframe playbut videow" id="playbg" href="https://www.youtube.com/embed/5a6qCL_o2g4?rel=0&autoplay=1">When Is The Right Time To Join 1M/1M? " class="hđoạn Clip iframe playbut videow" id="playbg" href="https://www.youtube.com/embed/L0X6Ea_0fho?rel=0&autoplay=1">Can 1M/1M Help Me With Business Development? " class="hvideo iframe playbut videow" id="playbg" href="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Vdfa_y453Pg?rel=0&autoplay=1">Can 1M/1M Help Me With Market Sizing? " class="hClip iframe playbut videow" id="playbg" href="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Ii2rFSk3awU?rel=0&autoplay=1">Can 1M/1M Help Me Validate My Product? " class="hđoạn phim iframe playbut videow" id="playbg" href="https://www.youtube.com/embed/vcAPNH1zfCA?rel=0&autoplay=1">Will I Have sầu Private 1-on-1 Sessions In 1M/1M? " class="hđoạn Clip iframe playbut videow" id="playbg" href="https://www.youtube.com/embed/EbW_1j5qbPg?rel=0&autoplay=1">How Does 1M/1M Help Entrepreneurs Connect With Silinhỏ Valley? " class="hClip iframe playbut videow" id="playbg" href="https://www.youtube.com/embed/E3UMUqSe_VU?rel=0&autoplay=1">Mentoring or Consulting? " class="hvideo clip iframe playbut videow" id="playbg" href="https://www.youtube.com/embed/CSOByOtj6eI?rel=0&autoplay=1">Why Does 1M/1M Charge $1000 a Year? " class="hvideo clip iframe playbut videow" id="playbg" href="https://www.youtube.com/embed/U-0_uD961zw?rel=0&autoplay=1">Why Does 1M/1M Partner With Local Organizations? " class="hClip iframe playbut videow" id="playbg" href="https://www.youtube.com/embed/BiZVOOkGo88?rel=0&autoplay=1">Why Don’t Mentoring Networks Work? " class="hđoạn Clip iframe playbut videow" id="playbg" href="https://www.youtube.com/embed/LBoiHViOEEo?rel=0&autoplay=1">Why Is It Important To Study With 1M/1M Now? ?rel=0&autoplay=1"> " class="hvideo iframe playbut videow" id="playbg" href="https://www.youtube.com/embed/zyDpp-NGIBM?rel=0&autoplay=1">Dan Stewart Story " class="hđoạn Clip iframe playbut videow" id="playbg" href="https://www.youtube.com/embed/5gs_t0Ywe0c?rel=0&autoplay=1">Vikrant Mathur Story
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